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A brief about our company

The establishment:

Ahlan Tour company was Founded  in the beginning of 2000 and located in Taksim square.The owner, Mr. Abdul Qader Ibrahim Ozgan while the management was by Mr. Nasser Ozgan and has begun to engage in work in tourism and receive families tourist delegations since that time . At the beginning of 2010, the company was registered and licensed assetedfrom the tourism ministry under number: (8652). In the beginning of 2015 the office were transferred to the area of Ayoub Istanbul .

The objective of the establishment:

With the beginning of the new millennium and the lack of tourist companies that seek to serve the Arab brothers at the first place.The idea of the establishment of the company aroused whenMr. Abdul Qader Ibrahim Ozgan had noticed the suffering of many Arab tourists in dealing with the Turkish people because of the language barrier and the difficulty of understanding and therefore with full proficiency in the Arabic language had been decided on the establishment of the company to his Arab brothers to come and visit the Turkey and facilitate all the obstacles and barriers that may face, all this for the rest of the Arab tourist, in order to be aquainted more on the country of charm and facsination of the sultans and caliphs. God's paradise on earth (Turkey). 


Ahlan tour companyProvides many services in the area of tourism, which are summarized as follows:

-          Fleet of cars special tourist modern VIP of all sizes with drivers speaking Arabic fluently and have experience in the field of tourism not less than 10 years in all the Turkish cities.

-          Hotel reservations ( chain and apartment hotel) in all the Turkish cities with competitive prices.

-          The organization of the tourist programs to visit the most important cities and tourist areas in Turkey.

-          The organization of special programs for tourist groups.

-          The organization of programs for children and older people and people with special needs.

-          Securing bookings for meetings and conferences.

-          Airline tickets to all aroundthe world and within Turkey between the Turkish cities.

-          Lease of luxurious villas with views of the Bosphorus and VIP for long periods.

-          The sale and ownership of modern apartments in the most development and vital areas in Istanbul. 

-          Medical Tourism, which include: (cultivation of hair–Eye surgery - cosmetic surgery - The jaws Surgery and Teeth Whitening - Fatness Treatment) in the best hospitals and medical centers in Turkey. 

The staff of the company: 

The owner of the company: Mr. Abdul Qader Ibrahim Ozgan.

Director General: Mr. Nasser Ozgan. 

Official of the Sales Section and Organization oftourist programs : Mr. Mohammed Kaddour.

Official car bookings: Mr. Kassem Hamouda. 

Official of hotel bookings andAirline bookings: Mr. Abdul Rahman Kaddour.